Just as I have relied on help from the wisdom of others, I enjoy providing tools to help you succeed! Take a look at the tools we have to offer. One of my passions is successfully navigating new beginnings. I have a FREE download which will give you some quick keys to get things in perspective.My latest project book about new beginnings which you can purchase below, but that’s not all! Scroll down to see more.

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From Stuck to Strategy – three powerful, clarifying sessions with Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson, also known as Coach K – will give you actionable items to move forward! Whether it’s your home, business, job, family or even you in need of a roadmap, I am here to help your custom-made agenda.

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5 Power Steps To Uncover Your Passion and Launch Your Next Chapter

Are you struggling to release your past and move forward and discover your newest potential? Struggle no more! In this easy-to-read book, learn principles which help you discover your passion and move forward in your passion. Also, have no fear of starting over. Change is inevitable in our lives, but there is no need to fear it. In working with change, you produce something more beautiful in your life, career and relationships than you can ever imagine. So, no matter where you find yourself, these five keys will help you create your beautiful new beginning.

Birmingham's Top Natural Hair Models

What is your definition of natural hair beauty and what images come to mind when you hear this? In 2015, I Love My Own Hair hosted Birmingham’s Top Natural Hair Models at the Harbert Center. Nearly a dozen women were crowned “tops” in the natural hair arena by a panel of judges who were professionals in the industry. Meet each of these young ladies and more importantly, see how natural hair beauty has taken center stage in the Magic City and beyond. Download your copy of Birmingham’s Top Natural Hair Models!

An Easy Natural Hair Care Guide

Simple Steps for a Beautiful Head of Natural Hair

 My natural hair journey began more than 10 years ago. It was launched by what I thought was the “worst day ever” in a hair salon. But that hairstylist’s mistake helped launch a crucial part of career – my writing skills. I chose to take that painful incident that happened to me and use it to help other women.

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